DHA Lahore Phase 5 House For Sale

DHA Lahore Phase 5 houses are the perfect opportunity to invest in a high-end property located in the heart of Lahore City. The houses have been built with modern architectural designs, incorporating all the latest features and amenities. These luxurious homes are located in a prime location, offering easy access to various commercial and entertainment hubs of the city.

Furthermore, the houses have been carefully designed to provide optimum privacy and security for their residents. The interiors of the DHA Lahore phase 5 house for sale are exceptionally crafted, with spacious bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Their walls are finished with marble and granite, making for a luxurious look and feel. 

Brand New House For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

New houses for sale in DHA Phase 5 Lahore are a perfect match for those looking for an affordable and luxurious lifestyle. These houses combine modern architecture with a comfortable living space. The area is surrounded by lush green parks and is conveniently located close to the city center of Lahore, allowing you easy access to all major attractions and shopping destinations.

The new houses for sale in DHA Phase 5 Lahore come with a variety of features such as spacious bedrooms, modern bathrooms, terraces, roof-top decks, and balconies.

Small Houses For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

Prospective homeowners searching for their ideal abode should consider the small houses available in DHA Phase 5 Lahore, as they offer a great combination of affordability and location. The area is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its close proximity to the main city and amenities like schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and parks. DHA Phase 5 offers an array of housing options from large single-family homes to small townhouses and apartments.

Luxury Houses For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

Luxury houses for sale in DHA phase 5 Lahore offer the perfect combination of exclusivity and comfort. These stunning properties are designed keeping in mind the needs and preferences of discerning buyers.

Located within the prestigious Defense Housing Authority, these homes boast prime locations with access to excellent amenities like parks, shopping malls, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more. With spacious floor plans, these houses provide ample space for a family to live comfortably.

Cheap Houses For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

DHA Phase 5 is highly sought-after and has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Lahore. It offers a variety of housing options, ranging from contemporary modern designs to traditional older styles. The area has plenty of amenities, including shopping malls, restaurants, schools, parks, and entertainment venues. 

There are plenty of cheap houses for sale in DHA Phase 5. Some of the most popular options include single-story bungalows, duplexes, and townhouses. These homes come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Furnished Houses For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

The furnished houses are the perfect choice if you are looking to move into a fully-equipped home. These houses provide all the amenities that you need and are available in DHA Phase 5 Lahore at amazingly affordable prices. 

The featured homes offer spacious rooms, modern facilities, attached bathrooms, a large kitchen, and even a private garden for some of the units. You can find these homes in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your lifestyle.

DHA Phase 5 House Facilities Lahore:

The houses in DHA Phase 5 offer an array of facilities and amenities that make life comfortable and convenient. A few highlights of DHA Lahore phase 5 houses are:


These houses are equipped with a dedicated backup electricity supply to make sure there is no disruption in electricity due to power outages.

Water Supply:

The entire area has access to clean and safe drinking water. There are also underground water tanks that store enough water for emergencies.


High-speed internet connectivity, landlines, and mobile phone services are available in this area.


The houses have round-the-clock security with surveillance cameras and CCTV systems installed around the premises. Security guards are also present to ensure the safety of occupants.


Ample parking space is available for both visitors and house owners. There are designated areas for car parking as well as separate areas for two-wheeler parking.

Schools and Colleges:

The area has many reputable educational institutions such as Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, and Government College University.


There are several private and public healthcare facilities in the neighborhood that provide quality medical care to residents.


The area has several shopping centers, supermarkets, and markets where you can find a variety of items at reasonable prices.

Restaurants and Cafes:

There are many restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets in this area that serve delicious food at affordable prices.

Sewerage System:

The area has a well-maintained sewerage system that ensures the waste is disposed of without any health hazard.

Recreation and Entertainment:

There are many recreational activities available in DHA Phase 5 such as parks, public gardens, swimming pools, and gyms. The housing society also organizes various events from time to time to keep the residents entertained.

Sports Facilities:

The housing society has its own cricket, football, and hockey grounds. There are also badminton courts and volleyball courts for people who love sports.


There are many mosques located in the area where one can offer prayers or attend religious gatherings.

Why Buy a Home DHA Phase 5 Lahore?

DHA Phase 5 Lahore is one of the most desirable places to live in the city. It has become a well-known residential area due to its proximity to major attractions, shopping centers, educational institutes, and hospitals. The area also offers a wide range of recreational activities for both adults and children such as parks, gyms, jogging tracks, golf courses, and several sports clubs.

Corner House For Sale Lahore DHA Phase 5 Lahore?

The corner houses in DHA Phase 5, Lahore are in high demand due to their strategic locations and attractive layout. It is a great option for those who want access to all the amenities of modern city life without compromising on privacy. These homes come with plenty of space both inside and outside for family gatherings or entertainment purposes. The streets are clean, and the security is excellent.

Front House For Sale Lahore DHA Phase 5:

Investing in the real estate market of Pakistan has never been as profitable and easy as it is now with front houses for sale in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority Phase 5. The front houses for sale in Phase 5 feature modern designs with all the necessary amenities to meet your needs, such as spacious rooms and bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, terraces and balconies, and lush green parks.

Moreover, there is an abundance of educational institutes in close proximity to these homes, as well as a wide range of shopping centers and other recreational activities.

Houses For Sale DHA Phase 5 Lahore:

Houses for Sale in DHA Phase 5 Lahore are some of the most sought-after properties in the city. Located in one of the most prestigious residential areas, this phase has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years owing to its strategic location and its good surrounding infrastructure. These houses are available in the following blocks:

  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale A Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale B Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale C Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale D Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale E Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale F Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale G Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale H Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale J Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale K Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale L Block
  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 Houses for Sale M Block

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